Liv Jade xo

Liv Jade xo 

Liv Jade xo is an everyday 13 year old girl from Australia who has big dreams and an even bigger instagram lol.  When I asked her what she would describe herself as she herself couldn’t really tell me, are you a model, umm I guess, but not really, are you a Youtuber, Id like to be, are you a Cheerleader & Tumbler, I try to what I think is, she is just a humble kid sharing her journey, her highs and lows, her triumphs and achievements.  She is real, she is quirky and she is a tad crazy.   

I think anyone who has followed her journey for awhile could agree she works dam hard no matter what it is, her determination and dedication is empowering and I cannot wait to see where the future takes her. 

So instead of saying Liv is this and Liv is that, how about I tell you what Liv see’s for her future....I think that may be a more compelling tale 😊 


  1. Own my own successful brand 
  2. Travel the World LOTS! 
  3. Be a Successful Youtuber 
  4. Compete at the Olympics 
  5. Win Worlds 
  6. Acting in something really cool or LOTS of things really cool :)
  7. Get the blue tick lol 
  8. Walk the red carpet at a major event
  9. The usual – Happy, Healthy and......wealthy lol
  10. Get married and have a family and live happily ever after